The Committee

President: Mr Eion Jones ‘Congratulations on the new website I am sure it will help to promote our breed. It is a nice eye catching site, well done.’

Chairman: Mr Anthony (Tony) Salmon – please see Tony’s and his good wife Lyndia’s intro which applies to Lyndia too as longstanding Treasurer, ‘Tony and myself, we started in Kerries in the early 1980’s, we bred infrequently because we were only able to keep a limited number of dogs. Our dogs were always kept as part of the family so were never re-homed therefore limiting the number of times that we were able to breed. We both joined our local dog club and I ended up as secretary and Tony as one of the main trainers. We are also heavily involved with the Terrier Club of South Wales. We are both Championship show judges, and we have both judged in Russia. Tony is Chairman of this Club and I am Treasurer, apart from the dogs Tony is a staunch supporter of Cardiff City Football Club, I am into Crafts and enjoy making greeting cards with Kerries on. We both enjoy caravanning with the dogs during the summer and stewarding at some of the Championship shows.’

Secretary: Ms Wendy Phillips A few words from Wendy Phillips, ‘We had our first Kerry in the early 1990’s, we started showing her although she was a pet, but she had the most loving temperament. That started us on the showing bug. We bought our next Kerry from a reputable breeder and she was the foundation bitch for our kennel. We had quite a bit of success from our first litter, a couple of RCC’s, and he is still alive at the grand old age of 16. I hold the job of secretary of The Terrier Club of South Wales, and for several years I was the Secretary of the Fox Terrier Club of Wales. Due to family problems we haven’t shown a lot, but I have always been keen on the administrative side of dog clubs.’

Treasurer: Mrs Lyndia Salmon A few words from Lyndia and Tony Salmon are above and Lyndia thank you very much for your dedication to the Association and Breed – decades of service that is very much appreciated.

As with all volunteer based organisations people that have dedicated years of service can often go unnoticed and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the UK Kerry Blue Terrier Association for longstanding service – you are the unsung heroes – well for now anyway! Watch this space you might find a few surprises to celebrate your services to our lovely breed!

Committee Members are currently being updated – more to follow!