Kerry Blue Terrier Association Single Breed Championship Show 03 April 2016 Results & Judge’s Critique

Winners-KBTA-Championship-Show-April-2016-400-275-2 Judge Mr. Helge Kvivesen (Shyloch)

BOB: Walters. C. Kebulak Queen of Hearts Kamaghan

BD: Ramsey. R. Torum’s Cairo Fred

R.BD: Clark-O’Neill. C. Lemracdream Field of Dreams Ir.Jr. Ch.

BB: Walters. C. Kebulak Queen of Hearts

R.BB: Ensell Mrs R A & Mr P R Nemiah Shades of Grey

BP: Forrest & Scott. C. & C. Lacarneaveen the One and Only

I would like to thank the club and its members for inviting me to my first assignment in the UK and to all exhibitors for entering. There was a very nice entry and mostly of high quality dogs.  My overall impression is that most entries were of excellent type and temperament, they had very nice coat-quality and presentation. A few exceptions, otherwise nice mouth-pigmentation and correct bites.  My only concern is too many narrow fronts and briskets. The show was held in a super atmosphere and I was very well taken care of this National Terrier weekend by Wendy, Lyndia and my skilled ring steward Tony.

Veteran D/B (2:2a)

MPD (0)

PD (4:1a)

1st Forrest & Scott. C. & C. Lacarneaveen the One and Only. Lovely type, beautiful head and expression. Dark eyes and neat ears.  A little too upright in front. Short in back, nice tail set. Super coat. Nice movements when he settles. Lots of attitude and showmanship. BPISWinners-KBTA-Championship-Show-April-2016-400-275-3

2nd Martin Mr P & Mrs E Clanciarrai Coada. Nice size. Head not as good as 1. Nice shoulder, top line and tail set. Very nice coat quality, moves well.

3rd Davani Ms C Kebulak Wear My Kiss.

JD (1)

1st Seddon, Miss P & Butler Mr J Lemracdream Donatello. Makes a very nice picture. Strong head, correct bite. Nice expression.  Very well angulated in front.  Still a bit narrow in body.  Very nice tail set, excellent rear. He just needs some more time.  I believe he will do very well in the future.

ND (1)

Wilkinson. L. Cranmoss Jacko (withheld)

GD (0)

PGD (2:1a)

1st Easton, Mr R M & Mackay Mr Kebulak Heart Of Stone With Widdershins. A smaller dog of good shape and outline. Nice head, a bit large eye. Nice in front, super short in back with a high set tail. Excellent rear. Nice coat and colour. Very impressive on the move.

LD (4:2a)

1st Ramsey. R. Torum’s Cairo Fred. Wonderful, quality dog. Fantastic, long head with neat ears and dark eyes giving a keen expression. Excellent front, very short in back with a high set tail.  Excellent rear that he uses very well on the move. Fabulous coat quality, colour is breaking.  An impressive dog impossible not to like.  CC and R.BISWinners-KBTA-Championship-Show-April-2016-400-275-1

2nd Earle, Mr S & Kelly Ms E T Miculadh Edge of Glory at Dollagh. Excellent type. Not the same quality head as 1.  Nice front. Short in back with a nice tail set. Super coat quality.  I would like more drive in movement.  A bit too hot to handle.

OD (4:2a)

1st Clark-O’Neill. C. Lemracdream Field of Dreams Ir.Jr. Ch. Attractive, strong dog with lots of attitude.  He makes a beautiful picture. I would prefer a cleaner head.  Excellent expression. Very nice in front. Short in back with a very high tail set.  Super rear. Excellent coat quality and presentation.  Very easy mover R.CC

2nd Young. Dr. R. Ch. Kebulak Lady Killer. Super head and expression. Needs better angulation and he is a bit narrow in front.  Super coat in fabulous condition and presentation.  Moves OK.Winners-KBTA-Championship-Show-April-2016-400-275-5

MPB (3:2a)

1st Earle, Mr S & Kelly Ms E T Clanciarrai Adante at Dollagh. Very feminine of correct size.  Very nice head and expression. Nice front, short in back with a high set tail.  Nicely angulated rear. Super coat quality. She’s a free mover with a lovely attitude.

PB (1)

1st Forrest, C & Scott C W Lacarnaveen My Little Rose. Feminine puppy with a lovely head.  Small, dark eyes and nice ears.  Lovely in front, nice top line and tail set.  Very nice rear.  Super coat and she’s an excellent mover. Lovely temperament.  R.BPIS

JB (2:1a)

1st Ensell Mrs R A & Mr P R Nemiah Shades of Grey. Impressive high quality junior bitch. Fabulous attitude. A bit strong in head but she has a lovely expression. Super front and she carries her neck in a manner not often seen in bitches.  Very short in back with a high set on tail.  Excellent rear giving her a fantastic drive.  Lovely coat quality.   R.CC.

NB (0)Winners-KBTA-Championship-Show-April-2016-400-275-7

GB (0)

PGB (5:2a)

1st Munro & Munro Ms P & Master A.  Arkama Guilty Pleasure. She wins today’s toughest class of 3 very high quality bitches.  She excels in head and coat quality.  Nice expression, well laid back shoulder giving her a long neck and short back.  Very nice tail set. Excellent rear and pleasing on the move.  Expertly handled by her very young and skilled handler.

2nd Pinfold. F.R. & J Atlata Blue Cherie Etoile. She gives a very nice picture, very feminine.  I would prefer more strength in her foreface.  Super neck into a short back.  Nice rear, excellent movements.  Coat is OK.

3rd Hetherington Miss L Irisblu Aiveen for Newent

LB (4:2a)

1st Walters Ms C Kebulak Queen of Hearts at Kamaghan. Absolutely stunning bitch. Fantastic attitude and constantly on her toes.  She has a very nice and feminine head with super ears and expression. Lovely confirmation all over. Super front with the most attractive neck running smoothly into a short back.  Tail bang on.  Very easy and effortless mover.  Fabulous & silky coat, super presentation.  I was delighted to award her BCC and BIS.

2nd Jones Miss J E Arkama Harmony Miss D’Arcy. A bit up in size and made on longer lines with a super head and expression.  Could have a darker eye.  Excellent tail set, fantastic coat.  A bit close behind, otherwise nice mover.

OB (6)

1st Muat T. Montealtos Well Ya Don’t Say. Lovely bitch of nice size and type.  Excellent head and expression.  Nice front and short in back.  I would prefer a bit higher tail set.  Excellent coat and colour, very nice movement. She’s showing herself to her advantage.

2nd Craig Mr J Ir Ch Clanciarrai Claddagh Ring. Another lovely bitch. Head not as good as 1.  Nice top line and tail set.  Well angulated rear.  Super coat, moves OK.
3rd Carson Mrs S A Kebulak Miss Sixty. Nice bitch, a bit up in size and with longer lines than 1 & 2.  She has a beautiful head, I would prefer a darker eye and better pigmentation in mouth.  Nice front and top line. Lovely tail set. Super coat quality.  Nice temperament.

Res. Walters Ms C Kebulak Dominatrix at Kamaghan.

V.H.C. Clarke-O’Neill Miss C Lemracdream Blue Ivy.


Special Beginners

1st Rafter Miss S Arkama My Way

2nd Seddon, Miss P & Butler Mr J Lemracdream Donatello

3rd Jones Miss J E Arkama Harmony Miss D’Arcy