Discussion on Setting Kerry Blue Terrier Puppy Ears

Lyndia Salmon’s KBT Breed Column in Dog World this week, all contributions to the discussion are welcome within the Facebook Group of UK Kerry Blue Terrier Association or via email on our website Contact Page:

“Interesting phone call regarding the setting of a puppy’s ears. I was asked about how long you leave the ears set, and how long you leave the ears free. My regime for the setting of the ears is three weeks set, one week free. The free week gives the ears time to settle and for me to see where the next set should be, and it also gives me time to clean the ear and give it time to breathe. I am sure that other breeders have their own way of going about this, and it might be of interest for them to write in and give their advice to the readers. From a show point of view it is very important to get the ears correct, a big ear unless lifted can look hound like, and a small ear set high can look like a fox terrier. Neither of these ears are correct for the Kerry Blue Terrier, at one time the breed standard said that the fold of the ear should just be above the level of the skull, but it now says that the ears should not be carried too high. I personally like to see the ear carried the way it should be, and I find that a deviation from this ruins the correct expression of the Kerry. If anyone feels different write in and give your opinion it may be an interesting discussion.”