Kerry Blue Terrier Association UK Endorses the UK Kerry Blue Terrier Rescue

We are delighted to announce UK Kerry Blue Terrier Association’s Official Endorsement of the UK Kerry Blue Terrier Rescue confirmed today. “The Kerry Blue Terrier Association is pleased to say that they support the Kerry Blue Terrier Rescue. We have written to the Kennel Club and asked that they are added to the list of Breed Rescues. They have a wonderful Web Site and Facebook page, with details of the Kerries that either need re-homing or the stories of the Kerries that have been re-homed by them. I hope that everybody gives them the well deserved support that they have earned.” This is posted in a statement on the KBTA UK Facebook Group Page today.

Please read the official response from UK Kerry Blue Rescue Founder Mark Buckley here Congratulations Mark and Team and we look forward to hearing continued growth and success from your good work. We all appreciate the great work that Bridget McGeown has done over many years and welcome the proven, vibrant and committed work you’re doing and the recognition and growth that you deserve and look forward to continued updates on the positive and caring work that you’re achieving