Meet Lila and her Family

We hope you enjoy our latest Pets & Their Owners Interview with the delightful Lila and her equally delightful owners – thank you for taking part.

  1. Your Names (first names) and name of your Kerry Blue Terrier(s) I’m Paul, my wife is Jan and our Kerry is Lila 

    Lila looking very youthful at 7 months young
  2. Location? North West UK
  3. How old is/are your Kerry/Kerries? 11 years 6 months
  4. Did you have from a Puppy or get an older dog? from puppy
  5. What made your mind up that a Kerry Blue Terrier was for you? this my 5th Kerry. Dad said they were the best
  6. House training easy? quite good, but not as good as my last Kerry
  7. Did you participate in puppy and or dog training? yes
  8. Is there a Master in the Family who was responsible for training or was this shared? Yes me
  9. Is your Kerry(s) good eater or picky about their food? quite good, but she knows when she is full
  10. What is their usual feeding regime? Eg dry, tinned, mixture. A mix of dry and tinned
  11. Favourite treats? doggy chocs
  12. Super favourite absolute do anything for treat? chicken
  13. Where does your Kerry(s) sleep? in hall in her bed or son’s bedroom when home.
  14. How often and what do you do when grooming your Kerry? Clip every month, tidy with scissors once or twice a week – kept short
  15. Does your Kerry go on holidays with you? she may do in uk in the future
  16. If you’re going abroad or away does your Kerry have a regular kennel or holiday home or sitter? Is/was that a simple process to organise. Yes 
  17. When out and about how good are they on and off the lead. Very good off. Pulls a bit on a collar, better with harness
  18. Meeting other dogs? very peace loving, more interested in me.
  19. Do you do any extra curricula activity with your Kerry eg obedience, fun shows, agility, field work? not officially, but both my last girl and this will jump the walls in my local common (6ft high) quite easily. Both really athletic jumpers
  20. Apart from regular boosters, worms, flea and tick prevention has your Kerry had any health problems?. No not so far. Most of my others had cysts
  21. Does your Kerry perform to command any tricks? yes basic roll over
  22. What’s the funniest thing they do? rolls on her back for tummy tickle when meeting you
  23. And the naughtiest thing that’s potentially interpreted as cheeky dare I ask? (Was it a one off or habit?) Started refusing to come when called in the park, if she thinks we are heading home.
  24. Describe your Kerry(s) personality? Unusually Very dog friendly. Tribute to the breeder.
  25. Describe the Owner(s) personality?! Strong willed, but kind. (my wife’s description)

Local dialect – Scran is a Merseyside term for food – you learn something new every day!

Best Regards Paul, Jan & Lila

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