Southern Counties Championship Show 2021 27th June 2021

Judge: Mr. H. Ogden

BOB: Birch’s Perrisblu Razor Sharp.

BD: Birch’s Perrisblu Razor Sharp.

R.BD: Bagworth & Connor’s Clarliams Dark Plan at Faragoma.

PGD: (1)

1st Bagworth & Connor’s Faragoma Lucky Little Fella. 18 months, head long and lean, good in eye and ear, black roof to mouth, reachy neck, good shoulder, straight front but a bit straight in rear angulation resulting in him sloping off a tad in backline, good rib and depth, well presented jacket just needs to be firmer in movement fore and aft.


OD (2)

1st Birch’s Perrisblu Razor Sharp. 2 years, appeared to me to have it all and another to bring the breed standard to life. Strapping, well knit, game, square, deep and powerful head as in “like a long brick”, excellent ear carriage, keen dark eye, correct bite and roof of mouth pigment, so well proportioned, balanced angulation, level, shelfing behind tail, silky, silver jacket with black pigment, powerhouse on the move with reach, drive and style. BD & BOB

2nd Bagworth & Connor’s Clarliams Dark Plan at Faragoma. Five and a half years, long lean head with strong, deep jaw, dark roof of mouth, reachy neck, clean front, square with good bone and substance, deep, level, ribbed back, excellent jacket, so well presented, went well on the move with typical “attitude”, just not the rea angulation or tail set of the above. R. BD.