Ringside Comments – Anonymous International Visitor 1990

We are finding old gems from yesteryear and here is one from 1990, international visitor to UK who happened to cock their ear to ringside chatter and noted them down…here they are:

….Ooh’s dog ees that? Never mind ‘is back end! Eet is upright in shoulder, an course in ‘ear, and eet go tippetty, tippetty when eet walk!

….Funny how that crowd’s dogs all change colour at the same show.

….I thought is was supposed to be Kerry BLUE?

….What size did you say they were?

….It was a lovely Lavender blue at Scotland.

….Dip the *uggers in water!

….If these are Kerry Blues I’m glad I’m not in them any more

….It’s cow hocked and that swayed back it looks as if they rode it up the M6!

….I wish it would pour with rain and then we would see.

….Well I think it’s lovely, it always wags its tail!

More wonders and merriment coming soon!

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